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Mobile sharpening for Corvallis and the Mid-Willamette Valley


The tools in a commercial kitchen need to be safe and efficient. Having sharp knives is an essential part to a kitchen running smoothly. Other tools like blender blades, robot coupe accessories, and deli slicers become dull overtime and slow productivity. Sharp tools improve the safety, efficiency, and morale of any kitchen.


Think of the incredibly satisfying feeling of slicing through a tomato with ease…or thinly slicing a head of cabbage…or maybe just cutting a sandwich in half without the bread tearing…  Whatever your skill level in the kitchen, a sharp knife makes it more enjoyable.


Are you chewing on shrubbery with your pruning shears…?  That is no fun for you or your plants.  Taming the natural world around us is a year round endeavor.  Whether you do it yourself or higher someone to help, the tools need to be sharp to get the job done right.

Mobile sharpening for Corvallis

and the Mid-Willamette Valley.

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